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In plain English our objections are as follows:

  1. The negatives  of this proposal outweigh the positives, so why has EAP recommended approval?

  2. The Governance of this proposal is flawed – the same team that are proposing the EMSEZ are appointed to approve it. A national decision making body is needed.

  3. We object this being a 120 year deal for a coal power station. This is against every climate goal South Africa committed to achieve.

  4. 95% of the water needs will come from the Limpopo – and NO impact assessment has been done for the water users and aquifers downstream. The proposal should fail on these grounds alone.

  5. There is no assessment of the feasibility, environmental impact or other consequences of building two enormous dams in the Sand River.

  6. Why has a R12.3Bn “unsolicited quote” been received to build TWO dams, from whom?

  7. The Water scientist has made a critical error in their method of assessing the water risk and a review of their work should be undertaken.